Ethiopia, located in the horn of Africa, is a rugged, landlocked country filled with time-honored traditions and the ruins of ancient cities. In recent years, especially, it has survived severe drought which destroyed food supplies for its nearly 96 million citizens. Today, nearly 50,000 children are malnourished, and many families are unable to meet their most basic needs. As a result, many children are sent to orphanages or left to live on the streets.

Population: 106,792,234

Capital: Addis Ababa

Religion: Ethiopian Orthodox (43.5%), Muslim (33.9%), Protestant (18.5%), Catholic (0.7%)

Language: Oromo (33.8%), Amharic (29.3%), Somali (6.2%), Tigrigna (5.9%), Sidamo (4%)

Percent of people living on less than $3.10/day: 71.27%