Meet a Little Girl Named Sophia

Your support for orphaned and vulnerable children is changing lives. Here’s a recent update from our team in Tanzania


A tough beginning

*Sophia was dropped off at our gates around 8:00 p.m. one night in May 2017. Those who dropped her off disappeared into the night. It was our night guard who first heard the crying and went to investigate.

He discovered Sophia.

Months later, with the help of the local government, we learned that Sophia had been left at our gates by extended family who had been caring for her. Upon further investigation, we were told that Sophia’s mother had been admitted to a local hospital and was very sick. The same family members who left Sophia at our gates also left her mother alone in the hospital.

So the Tanzania Social Welfare Office asked us to take care of Sophia while her mom underwent treatment at the hospital.

We believe God calls us to care for those who cannot care for themselves, so we accepted the opportunity to love and care for this little girl whom God loves dearly.

A tragic day

Not long after we agreed to care for Sophia, we learned that her mother passed away.

It grieved our hearts, because we knew it would grieve Sophia’s. Children belong in families.

We support family preservation and orphan prevention whenever and wherever possible, so we decided to do what we could to find additional family members who might be willing and able to care for Sophia. We escorted her to the funeral, and though there were many relatives there, none were able to take Sophia home.

At this point the Social Welfare Office asked us to permanently care for her.

A changing cultural norm

A great cultural challenge has risen in this current generation in Tanzania. In the past, people were responsible to care for other people—especially children—in their extended family. But today, fewer families seem willing to get involved. This is causing many people to suffer and end up with broken families and abandoned children.

A faithful God

We praise God that—in spite of her dire situation—Sophia was left at our gates. We love her, and we will—with your help and prayer—continue to do all we can to protect and care for her. She is now in kindergarten, and by the grace of God, she is doing well. She’s had a rough start in her life, but she is loved by a faithful God Who is committed to her good.

Would you join us in praying for Sophia? Please pray that she will grow in the knowledge of Jesus Christ. Pray, also, for our team as we work to improve the mindset of many of today’s families who seem to disregard inter-generational family responsibilities. We need prayer so that we know best how to proclaim the love of Christ to this generation of parents and children.

Thankfully, we know God is able to do more than we can ask or think. He loves these children most of all.

*Name changed for protection


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