Their Daughter Arrived Just In Time For Christmas

This year, thousands of children will experience the holidays without a family, and thousands of families willing to adopt will go through this season waiting for their child. But we take heart in stories like the Girlando family’s, being reassured that God works in big ways to bring sons & daughters home. In their words–


In November of 2017, we finally got “the call” we had been waiting on for quite some time.

A young Hispanic woman in our region was 8 months pregnant with a girl and wanted to meet us to discuss adoption. The meeting was truly unforgettable. In about 30 minutes’ time, all our lives were set on a new, life changing course.

We knew that the unseen member of that meeting was Jesus himself. He was bringing our families together in alignment with his perfect plan. We all agreed to pursue this adoption!

Just a short time afterward, our baby girl was born in early December. We were called to go to the hospital to be with her, as if she was born to us. The next day, her birth mother and the 3 of us were discharged from the hospital to go our separate ways. But before that happened, we were able to visit with her birth mom, bringing the baby so she could say “goodbye.” This was truly heart wrenching. We were able to feel both the love and pain in her decision.

After a hotel stay in her birth state, we received a call on December 21–just in time for Christmas–that we were approved to go home with our daughter! Needless to say, it was the most amazing Christmas of our lives. This July, the adoption was finalized without any issues. She was–and is–officially ours! Thank you Lifesong for the major role you played by helping us with our funding!


Lifesong’s Role in Their Story

Receiving a matching grant from Lifesong was an incredible blessing that made our adoption possible! The grant helped motivate people we know and love to give to us and run fundraisers on our behalf. We didn’t even ask for most of the fundraisers. Our friends and family took the initiative and forwarded funds to our account.

People were joyful to give because they knew that each dollar they gave would become two–thanks to Lifesong!

There are many financial miracles to speak of in our adoption journey. But one specific instance regarding Lifesong will never be forgotten. While dealing with an adoption-related transaction at our bank, I received an email alert that our account had received a donation. When I looked, it was a $2,000 donation from someone we didn’t even know! I thought it might be an accounting error, but it was never removed. I recall being overwhelmed by the provision of God in that moment–moved nearly to tears! Credit is due to Lifesong, as well as the anonymous donor, because giving us the public page to receive funds from anyone made this possible!


Thank you for following God’s leading and pursuing adoption! We are so thankful that God brought your daughter into your family–and that Lifesong got to play a small part to help it happen. We rejoice with you as you celebrate your first Christmas as an official family! 

Help bring children home this Christmas.