ROOTED: Hope for Struggling Parents (+ an exciting giveaway!)


Sometimes we need wisdom and counsel on how to parent our children well who come with unique or difficult pasts.

If you are a parent who is: 1) facing challenges, 2) struggling to parent or love your child well, or 3) looking to develop a gospel-driven focus to the way you raise your child, ROOTED is for you.
ROOTED is an online training course featuring 14 videos and a printed study guide that provide gospel-centered support for adoptive and foster families—designed specifically for families, orphan ministries, counselors, and adoption agencies.
This online course includes teaching from Dr. Paul David Tripp, Dr. Voddie Baucham, and a host of Christian doctors, psychologists, therapy experts, and foster/adoptive parents.


“As an adoptee and an adoptive parent, I viewed each video through both lenses, marveling how each lesson could so accurately identify pain points and introduce solutions through the iron grid of grace-saturated Scriptural truth. This team doesn’t hold back–either in speaking to great needs or in offering abundant hope. Traveling the foster/adoption journey without this type of Biblical counsel would be similar to hiking the Grand Canyon without taking water. Entirely practical and hugely encouraging, I wish I could put this resource into the hands of every family, church leader, and agency worker I know. ROOTED is a gift.”

–Trisha Priebe, Communications Coordinator, Lifesong for Orphans

Rooted booklet

From the introduction video–

“Ultimately, the question we have to ask is, ‘Do we just want our children to be more affectionate toward us?’ Or–as our children grow–do we want them to have a grasp on the reality of sin and brokenness and the fallen nature of man–what sin does to people, what sin has done to them–and how it is that through Christ and what Christ has accomplished on the Cross, they can deal with both their sin and with the sin that has happened to them and against them and come to a place where they can overcome it through the blood that Christ shed on their behalf on the Cross?

The most gracious thing we can do for our child is to continue to point them to the Cross. –Voddie Baucham

MEGA GIVEAWAY: We are thrilled to give away 1 copy of ROOTED–including unlimited access to all ROOTED videos (with teaching from Dr. Paul David Tripp, Dr. Jon Bergeron, Dr. Kevin Peck, Voddie Baucham, Halim Suh, and many more), as well as the ROOTED Study Guide.
To enter, go to this FB post and 1) hit LIKE, and 2) share a Bible verse that has encouraged you on your foster care/adoption/parenting journey (whether or not you have brought your child home yet).
ONE WINNER will be drawn tomorrow, Thursday, March 16, at 4:00PM!
UPDATE: Jennifer Aloisio Morr is the winner of this giveaway! CONGRATULATIONS, Jennifer!

Learn more about ROOTED.



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