Some days the work we do is heartbreaking. Other days we literally weep with joy.

Recently our Village of Hope Guatemala team was able to sit with one of our 18-year-olds who has spent her entire life in an orphanage (she joined us at at age 15) and tell her that we found her family.
Her paperwork stated that her mother–who was 14 when she gave birth–was now deceased and that there was no other family … and yet our social worker, Rosalinda, worked many extra hours never giving up, going above and beyond, and continued to search–finally locating an aunt and a grandmother last week. She did a home visit and they are a precious family who had also been looking for our 18-year-old throughout the years. Her grandfather was also committed to finding her, but unfortunately he passed away a couple of years ago. Searches take money and they didn’t always have extra.
whole family
But this past Tuesday she was finally reunited with them. Birth family searches takes time and can present complications. But as this sweet girl sat in front of us and cried, she said that so often in her life she didn’t think she really mattered to anyone. Now she knows with certainty that is not the truth.

She mattered so much that we never gave up fighting for her.

Village of Hope is located in San Lucas, Guatemala. The vision for Village of Hope was born out of the knowledge that God has a heart for the least of these. Scripture reveals God is passionate about the sick, the widow, the orphan, the alien, and the poor. The purpose of Village of Hope is to provide family, faith, and a future to vulnerable children and mothers in a family style setting.

We are so grateful to our sponsors for going above and beyond with us and investing in the lives of people who matter to us and (ultimately) to God. Lives are being changed in His name and we are so thankful.

Would you pray for the children at Village of Hope?