Please enjoy this update from Village of Hope, Guatemala–

She is His promise. A bright little star.

I sit and I watch her dance. Twirling around the room. The smile on her face says it all. Her dance is a praise to Him. The One who saved her. The One who gave her hope.

I will never forget the day we met. They had called us to ask us about accepting a possible transfer. She had grown up in another Children’s home but was causing them too many problems. Her attitude was bad they said. She wouldn’t listen. It was time for her to go.

As I sat at the table next to her and watched the tears stream down her face, God allowed me the privilege of seeing her as He sees her. What she could be- if only she knew.

We told her about Village of Hope. She listened, nodded at the appropriate times, but remained silent. In her world, things didn’t get better. It was best not to care- life had taught her that many years before. More than anything I wanted to be able to reach her. I wanted her to know the truth, I wanted her to believe. She was not her disease. God had so much more for her. But He gently reminded I couldn’t do that for her and that I just needed to trust Him- as always.

For the first several weeks after her transfer to Village of Hope she would simply sit by the window and stare. Sometimes I would see anger in her face, other times fear. Mostly though, I would see pain. Hopelessness.

She explained to me that she wanted nothing to do with ‘my’ Jesus. That she had tried that before and her life was still full of nothing but abuse, loneliness and rejection. I would simply sit and cry with her.

As the days and weeks passed, the weather began to change. Storms rolled in and out like the waves at sea and we began, for the first time, to see the walls around her heart start to crumble down.

She would begin to ask question like, “Why did we care about her? Why were we being kind to her? And would we leave her one day too?” As we gently loved her with His love, patiently extended the grace He has given to us, and daily walked her into His word, she began to experience the presence of God in a way she never had before. It wasn’t forced- it was genuine. Whole and pure.

It was then that she told me she was finally able to see that God DID care. HE DID answer prayers. He had brought her to Village of Hope Guatemala so that she could, for the first time, experience His love and learn more about His word~ in a way she never had before.

And today- she dances. She stands, with her head held high and she worships her personal Lord and Savior. Because, He really is the God of second chances. He never once left her. He was always there, waiting patiently… for her to see herself the way He sees her. Beautiful. Healed. Redeemed.

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