“Fundación Esperanza is like a family to me.” – Liz, Transition Home

Liz’s Story
Before entering the transition home, Liz worked hard to pay her own tuition for high school. Month after month she spent the first half of each day at her job followed by the second half of her day at school. Both required everything she had, but she made it work. Now that she has entered the transition home, she receives help for her schooling and encouragement for her journey.

Liz now feels like she belongs to a family. She considers T.J., the director of Fundación Esperanza, to be like a father and her fellow housemates like her sisters. She is grateful for this sense of acceptance and love.

After graduating from high school last year, Liz is now pursuing computer science. She hopes to help other Christian ministries and orphanages with their computer needs. She is a Tia at Fundación Esperanza.

“Fundación Esperanza is like a family to me. I’m very grateful and thankful for the opportunity.” –Liz

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With 63 children, 15 staff members, and 5 homes, Fundación Esperanza is a happening place. Filled to the brim with life and activity, the homes are deeply grounded in love and discipleship.
“The kids come from very troubled backgrounds, so I would first of all hope that they know that they’re loved by people on this earth, that they’ve got Tias and Tios that love them dearly, and that want to speak into their lives. Most importantly, we want them to know they have a Father in heaven Who loves them.”
The homes provide spiritual mentoring, day-to-day care, and necessary provision.