Impacting families outside your church’s walls…

Read along as a beautiful testimony is shared from an adoptive family who was given an Outside the Walls matching grant from a church in their community. Please read along to their thankful testimony…

We are so thankful for the Outside the Walls grant that was provided to us through Johnson Ferry Baptist Church Adoption Fund. We attend a small church that is just around 5 years old. Though we have many adoptive families at our church, we have not yet been able to establish an adoption fund. 

We are so thankful that Johnson Ferry recognizes we are all the body of Christ and used their Adoption Fund resources to go ‘outside of their walls’ to help us bring our sweet little guy home. Through their matching grant, we were able to raise a large portion of adoptions costs that totaled over $40,000. We did not have the finances or resources readily available, but we knew that we were supposed to adopt Martín. We felt confident that the Lord would provide a way…and He did! We are so thankful to Johnson Ferry Baptist Church and Lifesong!

–Jason & Jennifer Nails, adoptive parents

We are honored to partner with churches as they help families like the Nails make adoption a reality! If your church adoption ministry would like to learn more about how you can impact Christian adoptive families outside the walls of your church, please visit our website to learn more: