2014 Family Friday Logo-01Not feeling peaceful about their family being complete, Matthew & Jeannie stepped out in faith to pursue the adoption of two siblings. Read along in this week’s Family Friday to hear how God blessed and grew them through their times of waiting and uncertainty…

We originally planned to adopt an infant from the US like we had with our son.  During the wait God opened our hearts up to adopting multiple children that are older.  We had no idea what our adoption would look like but went ahead and did fundraising to cover the cost of whatever God presented us with. 

We got a call about Anthony and Arianna on a Tuesday, met birth mom on Wednesday, and brought Arianna home Friday and Anthony home Monday.  It was a whirlwind of a week.  We had no idea when we brought them home how much waiting and wondering was going to be involved. 

The children’s birth mother chose us and we have an open adoption with her. The birth father was deported and showed no signs of wanting anything to do with them.  Going through the courts to get his rights removed seemed like it would be an easy enough thing to do because he had abandoned the kids.  We were wrong.  It was multiple court dates and lots of waiting before we were able to get an answer from a judge.  After having the kids home for over a year we were finally able to file for adoption!  The kids came from some rough circumstances and both had some delays.  Now they are doing amazing and thriving!  We can’t believe how much they have changed since we brought them home.  Before adopting these two we never felt like our family was complete but now we have a sense of peace about where God has us and what our roles in life are.

-Matthew & Jeannie, adoptive parents of Anthony & Arianna from the US 


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