2014 Family Friday Logo-01This week in our featured Family Friday, Rex & Lorraine share about their journey to their son Samuel, telling once again how GOD showed up and made a way! Thankful to partner with The James Fund to be part of God’s provision for this family by giving them a matching grant. Listen in to their story…

Our adoption experience met several challenges when we experienced job transitions mid way through the process.  This presented significant financial needs since our adoption income source was no longer available to us.  God was faithful to provide in such a way that we were able to continue the process and give Samuel a loving, caring family where he could thrive in a reasonable time.  Knowing that our son needed medical attention made it important to us to try to bring him home as soon as possible.  Lifesong for Orphans provided a venue where our family and friends could make contributions and were able to meet the matching grant that we were awarded.  Without this matching gift, Samuel would have stayed in his native homeland until funds could be secured.   

The one thing that helped us the most through the process was knowing that the Lifesong family was praying for us!  We took comfort in knowing too that the organization who granted us the matching grant was also praying for us and wanted updates on how they could continue to pray!

Our journey toward saving Samuel was FILLED WITH God experiences.  Our journey started out as a faith journey and continued as a faith journey throughout the entire adoption!  We were down to the wire!  Our agency was ready to send us and we had our travel date.  By faith we told them we could go.  Secretly we were trusting God for our final travel expenses.  We had already met our matching grant through Lifesong for Orphans.  

After having lunch with a friend of the family, our friend agreed to give us a check for 1/2 of the remaining needed funds.  We were humbled!  We put it out there to our other friends and the very next morning another family friend called and said that we had been on their hearts.  They wanted to make sure they understood that someone was willing to give us 1/2 of the remaining funds or MATCH whatever came in!  They said that God had laid us on their hearts and they wanted to be the ones to GIVE THE REMAINING funds of the match.  So, in within less than a 24 hour period the funds were secured and we were headed to China to bring Samuel home! GOD IS SO GOOD ALL THE TIME!!!!!

 -Rex & Lorraine, adoptive parents of Samuel from China


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