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A few weeks ago, our office manager emailed me telling me that we officially have a Lifesong family that will receive funding support for the FOURTH time! How exciting, how blog-worthy. This isn’t just their fourth adoption though, actually their 9th adoption, 12th child! Adam and Amy have such special hearts we had to share their story again. Listen in as they share from the very beginning of their journey and how God has lead them on in His peace…

Ten years ago we never imagined the journey on which God would take us. At that time, our oldest daughter was adopted through US foster care and we had 3 biological kids. We thought our family was complete and the plight of orphans was completely off our radar. That all changed one Father’s Day when our pastor mentioned adoption, and God nudged my husband’s heart towards adopting again. He began thinking about his adopted sister with Down syndrome; she had a profound impact on his life. One day he approached me and asked me what I thought about adopting a child with Down syndrome (DS), to which I responded, “I don’t!”. In my defense, I never knew his sister as she had passed away unexpectedly before I met my husband. I was sure I wasn’t equipped to parent a special needs child and I wasn’t really interested in growing our family. God had other plans.

A seed was planted, and I began to pray and research. In the process, God broke my heart for the fatherless. I was reminded at every turn that we had room in our car, home, and hearts for another child. How could we ignore a child that needed a family? Much to my surprise, I found our son in a waiting child section of the Bethany magazine, Lifelines a precious 7 year old little boy with DS halfway around the world in Hong Kong. We knew he needed us, but what we didn’t realize was how much we needed him! Ivan put a face on all the statistics we read, and suddenly the orphan crisis was completely personal. Instead of completing our family like we had thought, he opened our hearts to God’s far bigger and better plans for our family.

We found ourselves traveling the world, bringing home hidden treasures! We brought home another son from Hong Kong, a daughter from West Africa, a daughter and 2 sons from Ukraine, and a daughter from Bulgaria. God stretched our comfort level with new challenges like attachment disorder, and diagnoses that included autism, ADHD, Spina bifida, and hearing impairment.

Last spring, my Facebook newsfeed was filled with pictures of children in need of host families for the summer. One little 9 year old boy grabbed my heart immediately, and I was excited that a child with Down syndrome was chosen for the program. I shared him in hopes a family would be found. Our family wasn’t an option, because our newly adopted daughter had only been home a month. A few weeks later, the deadline for the hosting arrived, and no one had chosen this little boy. My husband agreed we could inquire, and a few hours later we were his host family!

After completing trainings and paperwork, God’s miraculous provision of the fees, a little fear, and lots of excitement, he finally arrived! The bond was immediate. We loved him, and he loved us! We never imagined he would fit in our family like a puzzle piece we had no idea was missing. The weeks flew by and his departure was one of the hardest days of our lives. Although he knew we loved him, we were not allowed to tell him we were pursuing his adoption. The ache we feel is immense. We are paper chasing as fast and we can, and praying expectantly for God’s provision of his adoption costs.

-Adam & Amy Boroughs


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