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“Do for ONE what you wish you could do for everyone.”
— Andy Stanley, senior pastor of North Point Community Church

sponsorWelcome to the second installment of our our 5-part summer blog series, “5 Ways YOU can be a Light to a Child in Need”. (If you missed the previous post on prayer, check it out here.) As we are praying for children around the world and even in our neighborhood, God will call us to act, to do. Eeks! Where do we even start? How do we even begin to make an impact on 147 million orphans in our world?

I’ve have good news…you don’t have to. God isn’t calling us to save the world; He has His own plans for that. But He does ask us to join Him in the work He is doing, in ways that may touch one child or a thousand. And really, it doesn’t matter how many, He asks us to be faithful and obedient to His call. So, where is a good place to start?

Start with ONE…Sponsoring a child is an amazing way to continue the process of being lights to children in need. It intentionally connects our heart with the heart and need of someone across the world. Sometimes it involves interaction, letter-writing, gift-giving, but most of all, prayer and sacrificial love on behalf of someone else because of a sacrifice that was given to us through Christ.

At the mention of sponsorship, you may be thinking…

It just doesn’t fit in our budget.
Because sponsorship isn’t a one-time gift, but an ongoing commitment, sometimes it’s hard financially to make the step. In this case, think creatively! Consider sponsoring a child with your small group, extended family, Sunday School class or even as a business to make the commitment manageable. (Watch a video of an Arizona day care committed to sponsorship!)

I’m skeptical of the actual impact of child sponsorship.
If you have questions about sponsorship and the true impact it has, I encourage you to read Christianity Today’s article titled “Want to Change the World? Sponsor a Child”where top economists research and explain the influence sponsorship has on a child.

I’m already sponsoring a child (or children).
Excellent! If you are currently sponsoring a child–even several children–I would ask you to consider thinking of their unsponsored classmates. Become an advocate and voice for the friends of your sponsored child by taking opportunities to let people know about the need!

I’m in! Where do I sign-up?
There are many of organizations that offer child sponsorship; I encourage you to do your research. Find an organization that you trust and believe in, one that lines up to your family’s values.  If you are interested in sponsoring a child that we serve through our in-country orphan care initiatives:

Consider sponsoring a child in…

EthiopiaLiberia | Ukraine | Zambia

*Note: 100% of sponsorship funds received go directly to the need — helping orphans.
No administrative fees are deducted.

Today, share in a comment the name of your sponsored child and why you sponsor OR your thoughts on sponsorship.


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