family friday
I love Family Fridays. I love peaking into the lives of amazing Christian families who love God and desire their lives to be His. Who love Him so much that they would want to replicate His picture of adoption in their family.
A family much like Travis & Shannon’s. Already parents to 4 kiddos, one from Ethiopia, they heard God telling them their family picture wasn’t complete. Through

We started out our adoption journey with 3 boys and 1 girl. We really prayed about being gender specific but felt God tell us to let him have the control. Our 9 year old daughter prayed for a sister the whole time. When we got the call that “somehow” the wait list for both genders  had evened out and we were getting a girl, our 9 yr old daughter screamed and jumped and ran all over the house! It was a God moment to see her prayers answered.
Lifesong partnered with us in the adoption matching grant program. Our church family had a fundraiser dinner for us in which we were able to promote the matching gift and it made a HUGE difference! Many people came and showed excitement at the idea of their gift being doubled. We raised a total of $9,000.00 in one night!
familyphoto.2012In our adoption journey with Lifesong, we had MANY families show interest in adoption. Sharing our blessing from Lifesong with them opened their eyes to how God provides and how many opportunities are out there to help them along the journey. Since our fundraiser dinner, 1 couple has started the adoption process and a few more are praying about it.
Our first adoption of our son in 2009 concluded with $14,000 debt. Once we paid that off we felt God nudge us (loudly) that we were to adopt again. We also knew we were to end with no debt. We were very nervous, the total cost of an Ethiopian adoption is ½ of our annual income. How could we do this without going into debt again? God! We sold everything we didn’t really need (camper, boat, hot-tub). We received so much support from friends and family, Lifesong, Legacy 685, and another huge anonymous gift that we were able to pay for a $30,000 adoption in 1 year and walk away with no debt. God does the impossible.

Thanks Travis & Shannon for letting us play a small part in your journey. It’s been a joy to watch GOD do the impossible in your lives!

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