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Please enjoy this update from Denis, Lifesong Ukraine Director…

“This past weekend we had our fourth LS cup soccer competition where four teams have been qualified and participated in the semi-finals and final game. Sport is a great tool to reach out to the kids who would not typically attend our regular CCP lessons and Bible studies. With some of the kids we have just reinforced our influence and secured our relations. 

As we did in previous years we have rented local Football Club Metalist stadium training fields and played four games. It was a two day event where all of the kids competition participants stayed at our camp property. LS cup goes to Zap this year, Sach got silver, Loubetin bronze.

October 11-14 there was a small camp at the Equestrian Sport base “Scope” for children who have already graduated from a boarding school in past years. The camp was attended by both boys and girls, who study in boarding schools, and those who have finished boarding. Some of them are now members of the Kharkov churches, some with spouses and children – they were talking about their faith. We could also see the results of our service.”

Please continue to pray for the kids that we serve — specifically that their hearts would be open and soft to the acceptance the Gospel.